Exhibition & Event Carpet | EXPOflor Cut Pile - 7233 Frost Grey

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EXPOflor® Cut Pile is a type of carpet pile created by strategically cutting the loops created during weaving. These loops are evenly cut to allow slight tufting, which gives the pile a soft appearance, and can also be adjusted to varying levels of thickness to provide a dense character and cushioning support for the feet. Cut Pile carpets are known for their durability, which makes them well-suited to hospitality suites and corporate offices. These floorings are similar to other natural textiles such as suede and velvet, which reflect lighter and darker areas. If you’re interested in carpets that feel just as luxurious as they look, these are the ideal option.

Manufacturing Method: 1/8″ Tufted Cut Pile

Fibre: Solution Dyed Synthetic Headset

Total Weight: 1650g/m2

Width: 3.66m

Length: 30m

Thickness: 8.5mm

Roll Diameter: 42cm ± 5%

Country of Origin: UAE

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