SAFE+ Antimicrobial Coating Solution (Buy 10L Free 1L)

SAFE+ Antimicrobial Coating Solution (Buy 10L Free 1L)

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SAFE+ Antimicrobial coating is a coating specially formulated with Silver Technology. A hydrophobic air-curable coating which is effective against microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. These coatings are a must in places where harmful bacteria are present such as hospitals and clinics.


- A coating solution that can last up to 180 days.

- Hydrophobic, making it easy to clean and stain repellent.

- The coating is able to reduce 99.9% surrogate sars-cov2 (OC43) virus within 24 hours.

- Up to 99.9% efficacy against bacteria such as E. coli, K pneumoniae & MRSA.

- Up to 99.99% efficacy against viruses such as MHV.

- Coated fabric withstands >30k abrasion cycles without reduction in antimicrobial activity.

- Coating passes cytotoxicity, skin irritation and food contact tests.

- Meets list of biocompatibility requirements as per ISO 10993-1:2018 Biological evaluation of medical devices.

- Resistant to washing, up to 10,000 cycles (dependent on substrates).

Extensive tests as per international standards have been performed to ensure that the quality and safety of the coating meet the industry requirements. Researched and manufactured in Singapore. No need to keep stock. MOQ 1 Litre.


Applicable on any surfaces - glass, wood, metal, carpet, fabric, etc.

Any environment in which the spread of microbes or illness is a risk can benefit from an anti-microbial coating, various applications such as Malls, Schools, Elderly Homes, Coffeeshop, Offices, etc.


1. Compressed Air Spray - Nozzle Size Recommended is 1.0mm and below
2. Manual Hand Spray - Use the fine mist spray head.
3. Wipe Down Method - Use a lint free paper, cloth or clean sponge (PDMS sponge recommended)
4. Brushing Method - Use a good paint brush.


WARNING: Flammable, Skin Irritations, Corrosive
skin irritations

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