Basics & Basics Lite

You can always count on EXPOflor® to handle all your flooring needs with ease. Our EXPOflor® Basics and Basics Lite is a range of needle-punched carpets, which are an immensely-popular choice for events and exhibits. Needle punching is a type of carpet manufacturing technique wherein a layer of short staple fibres are punched with needles into a spun, synthetic scrim, and intertwined to produce a surface fibre mat. We are stringent about quality, and ensure that our carpets adhere to the strictest standards, which make them ideal for usage in major events and exhibitions.

  • Basics Lite, available in 11 colours, made of  100% Polyesterideal for usage in major events and exhibitions up to 72 hours. Wide Width of 3m is available for selected colours. Perfect for 3m x 3m shell schemes. No joining.
  • Basicsavailable in 42 colours, made of  100% Polypropylene, manufactured in Europe. Available in both cut length and full roll.
  • We provide the rental of EXPOflor Basics and EXPOflor Basics Lite.