Desso Marine Carpet

We supply and install marine carpets for cruise ships, river cruises, offshore ships, ferries and other vessels. As the Sole Authorised Distributor in Singapore, The Mill International aims to provide flooring solutions for all segments of the Marine industry and wholesale marine partners.


DESSO Torso Marine can be used in cabins or crew areas. Not suitable for escape routes.


A carpet’s life will be governed by many factors, starting with the selection process that must take both aesthetic and performance considerations into account. Once selected, nothing will work to extend the life of your carpet more than a carefully planned and conscientious program of maintenance.

In addition to protecting your investment, regular maintenance will enhance the cleanliness and appearance of your carpet, thus providing a healthy environment for your occupants. Desso has more than 75 years of carpet maintenance experience, and we are committed to sharing our valuable knowledge with our customers.


In compliance with the international Convention for the Safety of Life at sea (SOLAS) for use on ships and offshore installation. Specified standard: IMO Res. MSC. 307 (88) - (FTP Code), Annex 1, Part 2. Material not to be capable of producing excessive quantities of smoke & toxic products or not to give rise to toxic hazards at elevated temperatures.



In 2010, just two years after the start of Desso's new Cradle to Cradle® strategy, we received Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certification for DESSO EcoBase®, a new carpet tile backing. DESSO EcoBase®' backing was checked against tough environmental and human health criteria with up to 97% of the materials classified as positively defined. Positively defined  means that all the ingredients were assessed as either Green (optimal) or Yellow (tolerable) according to the Cradle to Cradle® assessment criteria. The polyolefin based layer of the DESSO EcoBase® backing is 100% safely recyclable in our own production process.