Floormat / Doormat for Home / $2 per piece

Floormat / Doormat for Home / $2 per piece

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Dimension: 40cm x 60cm

Material: 100% Vinyl

Thickness: 11mm

Colour: Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Green, & Red


1. Antibacterial

To help ensure sanitary conditions in moist areas prone to bacterial growth. The mat is impregnated with special antibacterial, anti-mold, and anti-algae agents.

2. Resilient

The unique spiral design makes for excellent cushioning and impact-absorbing properties.

3. Dampens Sound

Along with cushioning, the mat absorbs noise and impacts, making a big contribution to sound damping.

4. Passes Moisture

This mat features excellent moisture-passing properties, so it retains little moisture.

5. Collects Dirt

Soil and grime from shoe soles is retained in the mat, which keeps it from being carried elsewhere.

6. Passes Air and Holds Heat

The unique spiral design has an air layer that helps retain heat.

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